Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix Dog Breed

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix

Irish Wolfhound and German Shepherd Mix, a fantastic combination, but it’s for someone who likes to experiment with breeds and Yes, I mean it.

This article focuses more on GSD, but my goal here is to share my thoughts on combos as a blend of every breed of German Shepherd.

Let’s now discuss the details of the Irish Wolfhound and a German Shepherd mix.

Height: 25–32 inches (or more)
Weight: 70–120 pounds (or more)
Lifespan: 8–12 years
Colors: Various
Suitable for: Families with plenty of time
Temperament: Energetic, devoted, family-oriented

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix is ​​a mixed breed of German Shepherd dog and Irish Wolfhound. There are two different types. Both are very strong and powerful. The Irish Wolfhound is also said to hunt barges, wolves, and bears and is not like a wolf. When we talk about German Shepherds, they are a very famous breed in the world, they are famous for their ability to stay true to their owners and a very good shepherd.

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History of the Irish Wolfhound and a German Shepherd mix

The Irish Wolfhound has a good history from 273 BC. And the GSD were created in the 1950s. But we really need to know the history of these species and how they were photographed. Better research on Wikipedia than anyone else and we find good information about the history of this mixture of breeds.

Here is a website that contains all the historical information about the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix.

Some quick facts and information about the mix of Irish Wolfhound and German Shepherd SIZE AND WEIGHT


Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix

  • Origins: Ireland
  • Size: Giant
  • Grooming: Time Consuming
  • Training: Average
  • Height: 30-32 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 105-120 lb.
  • Lifespan: 6-8 years
  • Recognition: FCI: Group 10, AKC: Hounds, ANKC: Hounds, CKC: Hounds, KC: Hounds, NZKC: Hounds, UKC: Sighthounds & Pariahs


Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix

  • Origins: Germany
  • Size: Large to Giant
  • Grooming: Average
  • Training: Easy
  • Height: 22 – 26 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 75 – 95 lb.
  • Lifespan: 10 – 14 years
  • Recognition: FCI: Group 1, AKC: Herding, ANKC: Working, CKC: Herding, KC: Pastoral, NZKC: Working, UKC: Herding

The appearance of the Irish Wolfhound and the German Shepherd Mix

This mixed breed dog can surprisingly look like a German Shepherd or an Irish Wolfhound, even if it is a crossbreed.

When it comes to hiring between a male Irish Wolfhound and a German Shepherd female, most puppies look like a German Shepherd and vice versa.

We can see some similarities on the surface of this mixture differently, provided that the physical appearance remains the same.

Combined nutrition of Irish Wolfhound and German Shepherd Mix

High quality dog ​​food that is suitable for the age of the dog (ie adult or older) and well designed for large breeds should have all the nutrients that the Irish Wolfhound needs. Strict exercise before or after the class is not recommended as there is a risk of inflammation. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s weight, diet or diet, consult your breeder and veterinarian.

The Irish Wolfhound and the German Shepherd Mix Grooming

Irish Wolfhounds and German Shepherds have a double coat, with a coarse, filamentous coat that covers the soft undercoat, and so the mixture of these breeds also has a double coat, which is also rough. They shake all year round, but not at a high level. Brushing once a week or so will completely remove dirty and broken fur and the dog will look its best. Unlike many double breeds, Irish Wolfhounds do not “blow” fur during the annual or semi-annual breeding season. As with all breeds, the claws need to be trimmed regularly, as too long claws can be painful for the dog and cause problems with walking and running.

Mixed exercise of an Irish Wolfhound and a German Shepherd

The Irish Wolfhound and the German Shepherd Mix need daily activity to prevent harmful behavior and stay physically healthy. The house with a large cross garden is an ideal environment for this cross. They need space to stretch their legs.

If you live in an apartment, you can imagine a dog a little differently than a dog that looks like a wolf. Not only is the apartment very small space, but this battery spends most of its time outside.

Wolfhounds and GSD Mix require lifelong practice. Because they have a strong tendency to hunt and prey, they should only be safely evacuated in fenced areas and any walk should be taken with a belt. Adults may be drowsy in potatoes if Irish wolves allow, but regular exercise, such as long walks or playing, can help keep them physically and mentally healthy. They need a house with a very large fence that will give them an environment in which they will thrive.

Is the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix good for guarding?

The Irish Wolfhound, though mostly mild today, has historically been a ruthless protector of cattle and property.

Modern werewolves are not as aggressive as ancient Rome and have lost much of their suspicion and reticence towards strangers.

German Shepherds are traditionally guard dogs, territorial and protecting their families. However, the original purpose of the GSD watchdog was to warn of danger and attack as a last resort.

They should be reserved and careful, but considerate, albeit a little distant, to friendly guests. German shepherds should not behave aggressively towards strangers when they go out with their owners, such as running.

Your Irish Wolfhound mix can be discreet and reserved for strangers.

He may be friendlier than a guest guard, but more aggressive towards intruders like a werewolf and more careful when you’re not home.

His companion alone is often not enough to keep someone from seeking evil. If his presence is not enough to stop the attackers, he has terrible skin.

Let me now talk quickly about the advantages and disadvantages of another adoption of this mixture.

Unique: The peculiarity of this dog is that it is like GSD like an Irish wolfhound with a slight change of face and it is a unique mixture of diversity.

It brings a great look: This dog is not only aggressive, but its gigantic appearance makes it an intruder.

Toddlers: They often play with children over the age of 5, but children must be very careful, as these dogs may consider them toys and are evil.

Not good for living in an apartment: They have a very good sense of sounds like apartments, which we often hear the voices and voices of our neighbors, so they can always be involved and stay alert to destroy their strengths.

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