The Story of Steel Blue Panda German Shepherd

Steel Blue Panda German Shepherd is a unique color from a number of German Shepherds that can be found all over the world.

Unlike the popular black and tan, the steel blue panda German Shepherd has recently been recognized as a purebred dog by official breed standards such as the AKC, UKC and others.

Panda is not a mix of German Shepherd’s, AKC and UKC are approved as a purebred variety, but they were not “allowed” into the show ring. So if someone wants to adopt this dog for a show, then this is not a good choice.

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Is the panda German Shepherd different from other breeds or how is it derived?

Franka was the first German panda herder. Blood tests showed that both of her parents were pure German Shepherds and Frank’s parents. Her parents had job titles, which meant they were bad. Unable to say, the breeder was shocked and Francina’s DNA was tested by UCDVIS. When found to be a pure species, the researchers examined its DNA to determine the cause of its unique color. UCDavis found that the panda was the result of a mutation in the KIT gene. The KIT gene regulates cellular functions and this gene has no deliberate effect on color. There are no health problems associated with the gene and it is known to occur in other species and breeds.

Panda is not the usual white mark on your cola or rooster. Common whitespace (as far as we know) occurs at incomplete dominance and S-locus. Researchers can identify which genes are present in a dog’s S locus, allowing them to determine the cause of the dog’s coloration.

Steel Blue Panda German Shepherd: Another change

The Iron Blue Panda German Shepherd is another variation of the white panda pattern on the face / head, chest, legs, feet and tip of the tail, similar to the collie and some steel pattern on the face and chest – even the panda gen. network besibbe. a gene that causes white collies. It is a dominant gene, ie. only one parent is needed to reproduce the pattern. The color of the pattern and the pattern are second only to the original dog pattern.

This means that the dog is still the same; Black / Tan, Blue / Tan, Liver / Tan, Blue Saber, Liver / Saber, Saber, or Solid Blue, Solid Liver, Solid Black, Steel / Blue etc … Panda dog pattern. Repeating a panda pattern does not affect any primary color or pattern and its secondary color and pattern.

Are German Panda Shepherds Rare?

The answer is yes, this is a unique combination that was recently released due to KIT mutations in the animal. We are not so sure if two panda german shepherds mate, the result will be a panda german shepherd.

Panda Shepherd is a pure German Shepherd; That they are not the same race.

This little puppy comes from GSD bloodlines:

  • His mother’s fur was pure black
  • The template for his father is black with tan

The reason they are so unique and why they differ from normal species is that they show a unique genetic mutation. This mutation is so unique that only the German Shepherd’s bloodline can carry it.

Pandas are still the usual black and brown, but their genetic mutation causes white spots.

In fact, 35-40% of her body is white.

Surprisingly, there are no white German shepherds of their ancestors and the appearance of this dog due to their genetic defect.

Overview of the German Shepherd Panda

Despite the coat color of the German Shepherd, their nature, health, care and training are the same. In some cases, breeding against nature will affect the nature and health of the German Shepherd, otherwise you will know what you will get if you buy it differently than a dog.

The nature of the German Shepherd is very intelligent, obedient, faithful, sensitive and loving. They are determined by the person who takes the most care of their employer. When a strange person in the house feeds her, walks, marries, trains her, the German Shepherd sees her as his owner. They can even be very close to other members of the household.

During training, the German Shepherd quickly chooses directions and tasks. They are very intelligent dogs, they like their owners. In exchange for a gift, they will do whatever you ask.


German Shepherds need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. You may not be able to walk the dog every day, but even take one active walk to burn energy. These dogs have high energy and can destroy things in your house if there is no way to release their energy.


Thank you for reading about the German Shepherd Blue Panda. They are dangerous monsters, they will love you and protect you for the rest of your life. We hope you enjoy learning about the German Shepherd Panda. Feel free to share your experience and stories!

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