Top 10 Small Breed Dogs in India with price

Small Breed Dogs in India

Are you looking for Small Breed Dogs in India? Does the size of your pet matter? Yes, it is important to consider the size of your pet before making a purchase, as this is especially important for pet owners who live in a confined space like a living room or bedroom.
There are many species of animals that are not suitable for housing, such as the German Shepherd, Rottweilers, and Dobermans… they need more space, they roam freely in the garden and the constant noise can distract others. An ordinary dog ​​can attract a lot of complaining neighbors to your house. So how do you know which breed of dog is best for your home?
There are many things to consider before taking the final step. We try to make it easy for you.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having a small dog.

Advantages of Small Breed Dogs in India :

1) Eat less

The first is very true. Small dogs like Chihuahuas and Jack Russells get saturated long before big dogs like Rottweilers and German Shepherds.

2) Easy to kiss

Their small size makes it easier to hold the dog in your arms and cuddle it on your lap. The same goes for the little inhabitants of the houses. For cuddles, small dogs can slip into their place.

3) Can be transported easily

There are other instances where dogs are preferred. Small means less hassle when traveling. You can buy a refurbished bag and take it with you. They will generally be accepted on public transport. Many planes also accept dogs from the boat if they weigh more than 6 kg.

4) Easy to tie the shoelaces

Dogs need to walk healthily with their fir, and even a small breed can easily do this without getting tired. Neither Pomeranian nor Shih Tzu are as weak as the Rotina GSD.

5) Almost everyone loves them.

Having a dog means having instant contact with the people you meet in the park or in everyday life. Instead of the skepticism and anxiety that people see because of the dangerous dog, the little owners listened, smiled and asked. Having a puppy is a great way to meet people.

6) Easy to clean

It is easier to transport a dog. They can also easily drive their daily needs to where they need to be. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, brushing your teeth or caring for your ears, you’ll have the upper hand when it comes to restoration and grooming.

Disadvantages of Small Breed Dogs:

1) Less Sociable

Puppies like to be close to their parents and enjoy peace. But often they can’t resist the parent animal of their choice. This of course depends on the dog and the puppy, but puppies also depend on their parents and don’t like to upset that balance.

2) Can make noise

Small dogs like the Chihuahua and Maltese bark often. Puppies are good-natured, like to protect their parents and are not eager to be afraid of immigrants. However, with proper training, you can correct these behaviors, but beware of dog stubbornness.

3) Very convenient

Due to their small size, small dogs are more likely to injure or injure themselves. Because it’s close to the ground, it’s easy for germs to spread through the air or cause an accident, so be careful and careful!

4) May cause injury

Puppies and toddlers do not need to mix well because their bones are thin and their bones are generally weak. Even if a child wants to play with a puppy, he does not know that he can make a puppy breathe.

5) Less athletic

Small dogs will be tired. They like to walk, but rarely with their colleagues. The threat is that you will have to carry it with you until the end of your journey. Puppies often have a higher heart rate and have a harder time doing physical activity, especially when it’s hot outside. As you can see, small dogs have drawbacks, but the best is not the worst. That doesn’t mean a puppy will suit your lifestyle.

Puppies have adapted to city life and often want to spend time with their parents. In general, there are very few small dogs in the country!

So, now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of having a small dog, let’s take a look at our list of small Indian dogs.

List of small breed dogs in India

1. Mi-ki dog

Cute and friendly, the little Mi-Ki is a puppy toy. Weighing between 4 and 10 pounds, Mi-Ki is as quick as a cat, but like any dog ​​when it comes to integrity and kindness. Renowned for their gentle nature, Mi-Ki looks cool, flexible and playful.

For those who are quiet and hate inappropriate barking, Mi-Kis is often the perfect family companion. Some Mi-Ki can teach their family strange things, but most are dangerous watchdogs. Mi-Ki generally enjoys being new friends of all kinds.

In fact, Mi-Ki is often easy to reach with other dogs, patient with horses, and friendly with cats. Mi-Kis can climb, jump and play with the speed and vivacity of his feline friends.

Mi-Kis can live in a small house when I walk and take my family. Mi-Kis needs a lot of effort and thought, but not for the long jump, but with low to medium performance. If you are looking for a daily walking companion, Mi-Ki is not designed for heavy-duty work.

He is a great traveling companion and one of India’s best little dogs who will do anything to put a smile on his parents’ faces.

Features of this dog breed:

Height: 10 to 11 inches
Weight: 5 to 10 pounds
Lifespan: About 15 years
Price: 18000 to 120000 INR

2) Maltese

The cute dog breed toy is known for the white hairs on its body. The coat is straight and thick, falling to the ground. The Maltese came out in many colors a few years ago, but today it is still white.

As a well-made Maltese moving, he seems to float in a cloud of white hair. Because it has no undercoat, it is slippery and many people think it is hypoallergenic.

However, there are more for Maltese born than four. A small skull, black nose, floppy ears, black eyes, long straight legs, and a full tail.

He is a cute and intelligent dog who is passionate about his people. And they are one of the smallest dogs, so they are perfect for living in any room or apartment. Wherever they live, the Maltese react to their environment and pay attention.

However, A Maltese is one of the smaller dogs. India is not the best choice for children in the family because it is too small and can easily get injured. Like all dogs, they need to be told their tasks and require easy communication and obedience.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 8 to 10 inches
Weight : Upto 7 pounds
Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
Price : 30000 to 120000 INR

3) Toy Poodle

Poodles come in three sizes. The shoulders must measure at least 15 inches. The waist should be 15 inches or less. Toys should not exceed 10 inches. All three types have the same structure and proportions. Poodles are often seen at dog shows on the Continental Clip detail.

Some pet owners choose the simple Sporting Clip to fit a rectangular shaved square and identical muscle.

Forget that old sissy poodle thing. Like other small dogs, the Indian Poodle is a flexible, passionate, competitive, and intelligent dog. Toy Poodles are “human” and hope to be treated like someone with lots of animals. Stable and intelligent attitude.

Features of this breed:
Height : 10 to 22 inches
Weight : 7 to 9 Kg
Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
Price : Around 50000 to 60000 INR

4) Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a small, well-rounded dog. The fashionable “tuxedo” coat is black, with tabby or seals (cast black, red when seen in daylight or bright lights). Its head is square and its muzzle is small, and its eyes are wide, round-eyed shining when it is kind, affectionate, or playful. Bostonians always take care of their surroundings to get around with beautiful steps and lights.

Rugged yet compact, human-centric and always ready for a quick walk to the park or the cafe. A person with a good attitude and a good game, Boston dignity is the source of the smiles.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 15 to 17 inches
Weight : 7 to 10 kg
Lifespan : 11 to 13 years
Price : 30000 to 70000 INR

5) French bulldog

The French Bulldog resembles a small bulldog, except for the large, straight “bat ears”, which are a characteristic feature of the breed. The head is large and angular, curling over an extremely short nose with heavy wrinkles. The body is compact and muscular under smooth, light hair.

The French Bulldog is a nice and kind dog. Dogs with a few words, the French bark less, but their vigilance makes them good shepherds. They like to adapt to singles, couples or family life and do not need much outdoor exercise.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 11 to 13 inches
Weight : under 14 kilos
Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
Price : 42000 to 45000

6) Bichon Frise

A good size bison will cost less than one foot at the withers. The advantage of this breed is hypoallergenic white fur, plush and velvety to the touch, with round hair on the head covering the nose and lips … “big, black eyes.

Bichons come together with other animals and children and adapt quickly. Ready and interesting, Bichons are nice little breeders – but they are loving, not warriors, and they work in the belief that there are no foreigners, only friends they have never met.

Their size and self-confidence make them ideal dogs for the city. Bichons train quickly and like to perform for their loved ones. Finally, there’s Bichon’s happy personality, who attracts smiles and hugs wherever they go.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 9 to 11 inches
Weight : 6 to 9 Kg
Lifespan : 14 to 15 years
Price : 30000 to 60000 INR

7) Pekingese

Pekingese is one of the smallest dogs in India, it is a small toy dog ​​that weighs up to 14 pounds. The coat has the longest neck and shoulders, giving Pekes lion’s “mane” a reputation. The coat comes in a variety of red colors, from golden reds to dark shades.

The tall, short head of the muzzle is rectangular in the shape of an “envelope” wider than its length, and the eyes are large, dark and shiny.

Pekes are good, charming friends who bond with their favorite friends. They can be as calm and independent as the king who owns them, just as these animals were born in palaces. Be careful. They make excellent watchdogs. Pekes exempts children, but does not tolerate harsh treatment.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 6 to 9 inches
Weight : upto 7 kg
Lifespan : 12 to 14 years
Price : Starts from 15000 INR

8) Pappilon

Thanks to the large wing-like ears that gave this name (“Papillon” means “butterfly” in French), butterflies can be seen even from miles away.

Many Paps have their ears pricked up. The ear is under another name called Phalene. Paps are delicate and elegant, with a feathered tail and a silky soft coat with several color variations, the default color is white. This animal is stronger than its appearance and was born for any reason and season.

In hot or cold weather, urban or rural, they thrive and play with their families. They are particularly agile dogs and often win at the highest sporting level. It can be taught to make all sorts of mistakes by the owner with little ambition.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 8 to 11 inches
Weight : 2 to 5 Kg
Lifespan : 14 to 16 years
Price : 40000 to 80000 INR

9) Russkiy Toy

The Russian toy is a toy born with pedigrees dating back to Russian aristocrats. One of the small Indian dogs, a good-natured breed that likes to run and play. Some may run around the house or garden looking for toys if you can pick them up, while many can do nothing but lie on their backs every day, happy that they are household items.
It trusts human interaction and will let you know if you think you are being ignored.

Their hairs are soft or semi-long. The long-haired species have small folds around the neck and different hairs on the arms, tail, and ears. Russian Longhair Toys do not contain four adult adults until they are over a year old and are full of fur by age 3.

The variety is soft and smooth. The two species also have some behavioral differences. Soft coats look a bit more terrier than long coats. However, both show larger-than-life behaviors.

Features of this breed:
Height : 8 to 11 inches
Weight : upto 4 kg
Lifespan : 12 to 14+ years
Price : 60000 to 90000 INR

10) Tibetan Spaniel

Unlike other small dogs in India, this species is Tibetan and is characterized by a sniffing pointed ear, a “tiger mane” around the head, and a feathery tail that curves gracefully over the shoulders. But are they spaniels? No, unlike Western caucuses or cavalry.

Or Tibbies remember old traditions of Pekes, Pugs, Lhasas, and other Asian animals that are not true. Tibbies have about 10 fingers on their shoulders. They move quickly and deliberately. They can be found in many coats and blends.

Features of this dog breed:
Height : 10 inches
Weight : 4 to 7 kg
Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
Price : 42000 to 60000 INR



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